About Cherubim's


CHERUBIM RAGDOLLS are known as Non-Traditional Ragdolls. Ann Baker originally called Non-Traditional Ragdolls, her Cherubim line. When being transferred from IRCA Registrar to TICA Registrar all Ragdolls were Registered as Ragdolls in one grouping not as individuals. Many Non-Traditional Ragdolls were actually registered as Traditional Ragdolls when being transferred from IRCA to TICA verses being Registered as a Solid Ragdoll or a Mink Ragdoll, especially the Solid Ragdolls.

On this Page you can find Non-Traditional Ragdolls(Cherubim Lines) Registered in their original Registrar IRCA of the original creator, Ann Baker.

From IRCA to TICA and More.......

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Images of some of the original Cherubim Ragdolls(Non-Traditional Ragdolls) of Ann Baker and her Honey Bear Line

Her Honey Bear Line and Many of her Ragdoll Lines extended from her Expiramental Persian Lines

Rovena Parmley, Breeder of the Registered Ragdolls Below

      ElviasRDBabz Thaddeus,

Blue Mink Lynx Mitted Ragdoll

Ann Baker, Creator of the Ragdoll Breed and Breeder of the Registered Ragdolls Below

The Ragdolls posted Below are the very beginning Lines for Solid Ragdolls, Mink Ragdolls, Lynx Ragdolls, Smoke and Silver Ragdolls, and Yes even Tortie and Torbie Ragdolls. I do not know where all these stories wondering about went so far off from the truth but as far as I can see, right here, in Black and White, all Ragdolls were created/started by Ann Baker, including Lynx, Red Factor, Chocolate/Lilac, Mink, Solid, and Traditional and at no point did she want any of them not to be in her Lines and not Registered as RAGDOLLS! Just because a group of people (only want Traditional Ragdolls to be the only variant of Ragdoll to be called a Ragdoll) want it to be so, it does not make it so..... Ann Baker Registered her Ragdoll Breed with IRCA (her Registrar) and TICA, they were all Registered as Ragdolls! The only problem is that those who were showing the Ragdoll in the beginning only showed what they call the Traditional variant of the Ragdoll breed, so that leaves the work up to the rest of us to show the other Ragdoll variants under new traits to get them accepted for Championship Status, so for those who want all their Ragdolls able to be shown for Championship Status, there is work to be done but it will be well worth it.